My favorite vinyl project…

Falendysz tile

I’ve been making crafty things for years, but I definitely have favorite projects that I’ve made.  If you are a crafter also, I’m sure you’ve had those times where you think you are making something fabulous and it turns out just “eh.”  And then there are those times when you finish something and go “wow, I LOVE this!”  This tile project was the “love this” feeling for me.  I liked the project when I saw it on Pinterest, but when I finished it with my last name… I was enthralled with it.  It was so easy to make too!

For this project I purchased a standard 8 x 10 tile at my local Home Depot store.  Then just searched for corner filagree designs on the internet.  I found one that I liked online then traced and duplicated and cut them for the corners of this project.  I stretched two circle shapes into an oval and formatted them into a compound path in Design Studio to create the large oval around the name.

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